My artistic practice centres around such themes as connectedness, communication and perception. Within these contexts, I explore different media, and how to use or deconstruct them.


In all my activities, I aim for synergy, conceptual clarity and poetic strength. I value cross-disciplinary, sharing and inclusive collaborations.


I create artworks and exhibitions and I regularly teach workshops. As an extension of my practice, I portray artists, designers and craft people with attention to their work and their process for different art journals and online media. I support a wide range of artists, from photographers to architects in both their written and visual communication.


2010 MA. Visual Culture, Copenhagen University

2005 Photographer from Fatamorgana

2003 BA in Comparative Literature, Århus University



Kontakt, kommunikation og perception er vigtige temaer i min praksis, sammen med interesse for og undersøgelser af forskellige medier og kommunikationsformer. Jeg udforsker forskellige medier for at finde ud af, hvordan jeg kan bruge dem – eller dekonstruere dem og bruge dem på nye måder.


I alt jeg gør, søger jeg efter synergi, konceptuel klarhed og poetisk styrke. Jeg sætter stor pris på tværdisciplinære, generøse og inkluderende samarbejder.


Jeg laver kunst, udstillinger og underviser jævnligt, særligt workshops. Som en forlængelse af min praksis, portrætterer jeg kunstnere og deres værker med særligt fokus på kunstneriske processer for tidsskrifter og kunstmedier. Jeg hjælper desuden kunstnere, fra fotografer til arkitekter, med visuel og tekstlig kommunikation.


2010 Cand.mag. Visuel Kultur, Københavns Universitet

2005 Fotograf fra Fatamorgana

2003 BA in Litteraturhistorie, Århus Universitet



I’m fascinated by looking at faces, situations, light and colour, and the stories that we draw from these. Based on these experiences, I create photographs, installations, sculpture and text.


At the core of my practice, I explore the borderland of the personal outer and inner world, our intimate connection and communication with the world, and I am interested in close relationships between people.


When I was a child, my younger brother had a room in our basement full of old radios and toasters. He spent hours there, deconstructing each item and figuring out their inner logic: and, perhaps over time, also his own inner logic. Today, my artistic practice functions much in the same manner. My studio is a space for deconstructing my photographs, experiences and methods. Taking a poetic and emotional starting point and working hands on with cameras, printers, glass, wood, sound, etc.


The image is a dynamic space where the image maker, the image and the viewer each contribute to create meaning. News images, private images found in city archives or iPhone photo folders and images on gallery walls are all related – and these images are friends with sculptures, installations, stories and memories. I am inspired by the flux of images from one arena to another.


Images as evidence, as a story teller and as poetic expression are vital parts of our relation to each other. It is part of how we understand ourselves, our personal stories and our sociocultural progress and setbacks.


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