My artistic practice centres around ideas of connectedness, perception and identity. I create artworks and exhibitions and I regularly teach workshops. As an extension of my practice, I write about art and photography.


2010 MA. Visual Culture, Copenhagen University

2005 Photographer from Fatamorgana

2003 BA in Comparative Literature, Århus University



Nærvær, perception og identitet er vigtige temaer i min praksis, sammen med interesse for og undersøgelser af forskellige medier og kommunikationsformer.


Jeg laver kunst, udstillinger og underviser jævnligt, særligt workshops. Som en forlængelse af min praksis skriver jeg om kunst og fotografi.


2010 Cand.mag. Visuel Kultur, Københavns Universitet

2005 Fotograf fra Fatamorgana

2003 BA in Litteraturhistorie, Århus Universitet



I create photographs, installations, sculpture and work with text. I look for the borderland between a persons outer and inner world, our intimate connection with the world, and I am interested in close relationships between people.


My studio is a space for deconstructing photographs, experiences, memories and techniques and create prints, collages or spatial work. I take a poetic and emotional starting point and work hands on with diverse range materials such as cameras, printers, glass, wood, sound, etc. Rephotographing images, cutting into them and experimenting with printing techniques functions all  serve as a form of analysis and a method to tell new stories.


I work with my own photographs, images found in books, stories, research and historic material. I am inspired by the different ways we engage with photographic images as evidence, as a story tellers and as poetic expressions. I find that they are vital parts of our relation to each other, in how we understand ourselves, our personal stories and our sociocultural progress and setbacks.


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