Installation, 2015

A gate made of glass, wood, and sound. The glass is discarded glass from a framer. It has a special coating, which was meant to make it reflection free, but the coating process went wrong, and now it is both transparent and reflective.

This allows one to simultaneously see oneself, the space behind the glass, and the illusory space within the reflections of the glass.

The sound in the installation consists of ambient sounds of a reworked love ballad “Song of the 18 Swans”, which has been slowed down considerably. The sound is transmitted through vibration speakers onto the sheets of glass, which then function as speakers. In one gate the sound stems from a guitar, the other from a cello.

With kind support from 

The Danish Art Workshops
Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse
Gross. L.F. Foghts Fond

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