Video 17 min./silent, 2014
Actor: Vera Seemann
Dansk titel: Jeg hørte hvert et ord

“I Heard Every Word” is a video work of a one-take recording of an actor playing out a wordless dialogue with the camera as her speaking partner.

When we have intense conversations, we are often occupy ourselves very much with the words being exchanged. The words also make up the most part of attention when we retell the conversation to others or evaluate it. But a very large part of our communication is non-verbal: face expressions, body posture, reactions while listening.

In “I Heard Every Word”, the viewer is offered an opportunity to focus exclusively on the non-verbal part of a communication with a person in an intimate setting. The actor, being in front of the camera as a real person in flesh and blood, is at the same time a chance to identify or connect to, but also an empty space, a potential anybody, a place holder for the viewer’s imagination: she could be a sister, a wift, a friend, a daughter, etc.



Screening of “I Heard Every Word” in Holstebro as part of RETUR project, 2014, as part of Holstebro Festive Week.