DET ER NORMALT_kirstine autzen_2014_900pxl

Installation made for RETUR during Holstebro Festuge.
The letters spell out the sentence “That is normal” in Danish. The installation was placed in the city center of Holstebro for three weeks during the summer of 2014.

The installation is inspired by texts found online, on a website called Here, anybody can ask questions openly. The subject for the site is ‘normalcy’ in all variety. The idea of normalcy as a two edged sword was an inspiration for the installation. We all want to be unique and individual – but we certainly also want to know, if we are normal. The installation then took form as a large, physical, wooden, reply to everyone asking exactly that question: Is it normal? What ever question you may be asking your self in front of this installation, the answer is always the same. The installation also questions the idea of an anonymous collectivity – online and offline.

RETUR is a collaborative project, which evolved throughout the week of June 14-21 in Holstebro. See for latest news. Curated by Matthias Hvass Borello, Ingrid Hvass and Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt.