99 Lerkar til Heraklit

Artist Lise Seier Petersen created 99 clay vessels for an outdoor installation at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. The vessels are dedicated to Heraclitus, among other things known for the quote: “You cannot step twice into the same stream”.

All the vessels are slightly different, the mix of clay, the temperature they were burnt to in the kiln, and the size. Lise asked me to document her process, and because of the philosophical and poetic undercurrent in the project, we decided to create a concept around the documentation:

I would use a custom whitebalance of 4600 degrees Kelvin and committed to only using the daylight available. Since we photographed regularly over the course of 4-5 months, the color temperature actually warms up as the project progresses.

We also hung a white backdrop and let it hang, even after the unburnt clay had started to leave traces on the paper. And as a final rule, I committed to 3 aperture settings and 3 shutter settings and settled on an ISO 100 for all exposures. Here are some of the final images – and then go to the Facebook page to see what then happened.